Sunday, July 27, 2014

Changing Direction

Black Top | H&M, Conscious Collection (biodegradable material, fair labor standards)
Gold Buttoned Black Cardigan | H&M, Conscious Collection (biodegradable material, fair labor standards)
Wide Legged Pants | Hanger 221
Orange Eclectic Necklace | Pier 1 Imports

"Heaven Is For Real" Movie Review
Last night I watched Heaven Is For Real.  This movie is a true story based on a child's visit to heaven while on the operation table. Except, this little boy, Colton Burpo, didn't flat line at any moment, and what he described didn't align with the common images of heaven that are commonly known. The first half of the movie seemed to be character development and in the second half of the movie, the story is told. The four-year old boy, who visited heaven, comments on his visit to heaven at random moments since his operation.  At first, his parents don't know what to think. But when this little boy's comments on heaven reveal knowledge on loved ones and a family secret, they begin to consider the possibility that what their son had experienced was truth. Colton's innocence and knowledge on matters that were not introduced to him reveal that the knowledge he has of his trip to heaven are not possibly a figment of his imagination. This story was truly inspiration and an enjoyment to watch.

As for the acting, the boy-actor who played Colton is very talented.  His expressions and reactions are very realistic. Aside from the acting, I was quite impressed with the CGI used, it depicted colors in a brilliant bright, yet rich way which I haven't seen often.

Inspiration from the Burpo Family
Over time, there have been countless near death experiences by people of various or no religion who have seen a religious figure of some sort during this moment of death. But one thing about Colton Burpo's story is that the Jesus Christ that Colton sees while he is in heaven is the same image of Jesus Christ that is painted by a girl who had also visited heaven. Also, as Colton was in heaven, he met his sister, who he never knew he had because she was miscarried. When he told his mother, she was shocked then relieved. She had never told her 4 year old that she had miscarried, as spoken about in this interview on The Today Show and also the movie. Also, one day when Colton's father was watching a CNN interview with Akiane Kramarik, a child who said she had visited heaven, Colton recognized her painting of Jesus Christ to be the Jesus Christ he saw when he had visited heaven.

...Wow. I decided to learn more about Akiane Kramarik.

Inspiration from Akiane Kramarik
Akiane Kramarik is considered the only binary genius in both realistic painting an poetry. The Lithuanian-American,  Idaho-native began receiving visions from heaven when she was 4 years old. She says that the visions were too strong to describe in words so she began painting. What is most interesting about this is that she grew up in a family with parents who were self-described agnostic and atheist.  Akiane wasn't born painting. Where did her visions and talent come from? She says that God teaches her and inspires her. "Everything I do, it has a meaning of spirituality," Akiane says in one documentary. "The most important thing in this world is faith. Without faith you cannot communicate with God. It's just so beautiful up there." Akiane says in an interview she did with CNN called Drawing Heaven.  Below is a painting she finished at age 8. In  numerous interviews she says she had the vision of this painting in her head since she was 3 1/2 or 4. What a beautiful gift.

by Akiane Kramarik, age 8

"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" - Matthew 18:3

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Romance

Bodycon | H&M
Beaded Dress | Urban Outfitters
Heels | BCBG (borrowed)

Doesn't this dress shout boho summer romance? I'm not exactly sure what that even means and no, I haven't had a summer romance, but it seems like a fitting phrase for this outfit. Gorgeous, gorgeous. This is my 2014 summer investment piece. Every year I make a higher end purchase, something that I can pass on to even my children's children. This one is this year's purchase. Thankfully, I got it on triple sale (woo hoo)! As for the space, when I saw this location I thought..." must-do-photoshoot!"

Unfortunately, there is nothing quite ethical about this outfit, so let's talk about the strides these retailers have taken towards an increased responsibility in their clothing's impact. Urban Outfitters isn't known for their social responsibility, but they did start carrying organic cotton basics, a few community initiative pieces, and an overly priced upcycled line, Urban Renewal.  As far as H&M, they were one of the big fashion stores to initiate the The Bangladesh Accord.  However, what critics are now asking is, "How much this has actually changed the fashion industry?" . As far as their retail end, they have their totally fantastic Conscious Collection, but unfortunately this bodycon is not part of it. I scoured the store for a Conscious Collection basic bodycon and couldn't find one, so I left with this because I needed it in a short time frame.  I'm looking forward to H&M going all out with their Conscious Collection. Yes, I am willing to pay more for clothing that uplifts communities and helps preserve our Earth.

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