Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Romance

Bodycon | H&M
Beaded Dress | Urban Outfitters
Heels | BCBG (borrowed)

Doesn't this dress shout boho summer romance? I'm not exactly sure what that even means and no, I haven't had a summer romance, but it seems like a fitting phrase for this outfit. Gorgeous, gorgeous. This is my 2014 summer investment piece. Every year I make a higher end purchase, something that I can pass on to even my children's children. This one is this year's purchase. Thankfully, I got it on triple sale (woo hoo)! As for the space, when I saw this location I thought..." must-do-photoshoot!"

Unfortunately, there is nothing quite ethical about this outfit, so let's talk about the strides these retailers have taken towards an increased responsibility in their clothing's impact. Urban Outfitters isn't known for their social responsibility, but they did start carrying organic cotton basics, a few community initiative pieces, and an overly priced upcycled line, Urban Renewal.  As far as H&M, they were one of the big fashion stores to initiate the The Bangladesh Accord.  However, what critics are now asking is, "How much this has actually changed the fashion industry?" . As far as their retail end, they have their totally fantastic Conscious Collection, but unfortunately this bodycon is not part of it. I scoured the store for a Conscious Collection basic bodycon and couldn't find one, so I left with this because I needed it in a short time frame.  I'm looking forward to H&M going all out with their Conscious Collection. Yes, I am willing to pay more for clothing that uplifts communities and helps preserve our Earth.

In Summer Light,

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Beary Macaroony Day

Top | Maurices
Tank Top | H&M Conscious Collection (recycled and renewable materials)
Necklace | Gift from a photoshoot
Cuff | Hovey Lee (reclaimed brass, made in California)

Okay, so I was helping co-style a fashion photoshoot for Michelle Kim Photo and when I went out for a food run. I stopped by Honey & Butter Macarons, you know the boutique my last post was on, because the night before I saw they had really cute bear macaroons posted on their Instagram and they told me over Instagram that I could have one the following day. So, being the total "healthy, I will only eat what is good for me and I need" type person I am (not), I decided to go and just take a peek. Anyways, they ended up giving it to me for free, and both the owners recognized me from the past two weeks when I stopped by... problems. hehe. The point is, Michelle snapped these pics for me before the actual model arrived for her photoshoot. I felt like a beary happy model from that point on; it was fun. Hehe. <3 Love me some sweets.

Giggling at myself,

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